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Our Story.

Why we started Timeless Limousines?

We looked at a couple of ideas, but wanted something both Lisa & I could do, that as our sons got older they too could be a part of.

I liked the idea of a short term hire limousine business, I got the idea when we were looking for a limousine for our son’s wedding and we kept being told 3 or 4 hour minimum hires starting from $750.00 to well over a $1000. We only needed transport to the ceremony about 20 minutes away. When researching we couldn’t find a company that catered for short term, reasonably priced limousine hire.

When we started Timeless Limousines?

We registered the business name on the 12th December 2014. And quickly had our first client booked for Sunday 8th Feb 2015.

Where to get a Limo to start Timeless Limousines?

Having never been in the market for a limousine and no idea as to the cost we turned to Google. Plenty of vehicles came up on Carsales and Gumtree from $5000 to $595,000. Being a Ford fanatic for many years the Ford Fairlane was my preferred choice, although I was initially interested in a vintage Dodge stretch for sale in country Victoria (to my disappointment it was marked as sold the day before we were due to view it) oh well we had plenty of Fairlanes to look at in QLD and N.S.W. this meant flying East.

Selecting the right vehicle.

In Brisbane the first limo we looked at looked great in the photo’s, but would be more at home on the tip than on the road, next please.

The second & third limos were still registered as hire cars (a good start) although they were only selling one of them not both. Both were very nice to look at, one was a Black V8 the other a White 6cyl. Both seating 8 passengers in the rear. Neither Lisa or I had ever traveled in a limousine so for the test drive Lisa sat in the back like a Princess, and my first ride in a limo was driving it. (7 years on and I have only ridden in the back for my Fathers Funeral)

The purchase.

Our intended purpose meant the white one was our preference. After negotiating the price we parted with our cash (no repayments on this one).


First thing was to get the limousine back to Perth with Christmas fast approaching it meant road transport would see the limo arrive in Perth on or after the 4th Jan 15 and cost close to $5000. By boat there was no delays, it was loaded the next day and arrived in Perth on the 4th Jan 15 and only cost $2000. Now we had the limo we started advertising after all we needed clients. The phone started ringing and email inquiries started coming in, then we had our first booking, Sandra Dawson for 8th February 2015. Now we needed to get it licensed, going over the pits was the easy part, getting the Omnibus license and plates seemed to take forever, and our first booking date was fast approaching.

The first Jobs,

Despite Sandra being the first client to book us, we later had 2 jobs book in for the day before. A 30th Birthday cruise and an 18th Birthday drop off. I was nervous, time to see if all the preparation, research and practice driving would pay off.

Who new that seven people could drink so much and make so much noise,

Job no. 2 for the day and we have a chucker, thankfully her boyfriend was a champ and caught it in his hands getting none in the limo.

We had our first wedding booking on 21st Feb 15.

It was exciting watching our business have its firsts, however being very much a part time business (I was still working in Mining) it soon became apparent we needed a sedan for airport transfers.

6 months in and we are growing,

In May 2015 we purchased our Ford Falcon G6E turbo sedan, and very quickly had our first bookings for that, followed on the 27th June when we had our first booking for both the limousine and the sedan on the same job. Many of our first sedan clients still use and recommend us today.

October 2017 and were growing again,

After establishing working relationships with several other small limousine companies, many of whom had since closed their doors, we needed access regularly to a second limousine. What better way to achieve this than to buy another limousine ourselves. After months of looking I found 2 that took my eye 1 was a licensed V8 AU Fairlane the other a unlicensed 6cyl DL LTD. They were in Sydney, so Lisa & I had our second working holiday to fly to Sydney to inspect them. Long story short they looked like they would suit our needs and with 2 limousines for the price of one it made sense.

The long drive,

At $5750 + gst for road transport, we made a quick calculation and decided to fly back to Sydney with a driver to drive the 2 limousines from Sydney to Perth. We new the AU was reliable as it had just done a trip to Bathurst. The DL (the free limo) however hadn’t been on the road in at least 4 years. So we got a 28 day permit to drive it across the country. What better way to test the reliability of our new fleet additions than a 3 day 4000km trip from Mascot in Sydney to Thornlie in Perth. A trouble free trip was had and we made it back into Perth in time to have a shower and go and do an airport transfer.

January 2019, Expanding our Team.

January 2019 see's our son Josh join us as a part time employee a Grade 2 driver. 

December 2019 further growth see's a new addition to the fleet,

With many multiple bookings the time has come to select another vehicle to join our fleet. After looking at various makes and models I had my mind set on a Maserati. The bank had other ideas and we picked up a White 2015 Ford G6E sedan, after all our Red G6E sedan has served us well and been very reliable.

OH no Covid-19 hits March 2020

Covid-19 saw a significant change to our business. Firstly the cancelations, we are still getting them today. With the cancellations comes the refunds. In the first 3 weeks of covid we paid out over $3500 in deposit/payment returns and started on the rescheduling of the postponed bookings many of which are still to be done. 

Jan/Feb & Apr/May 2021 More covid lock downs.

Every time we are hit with a covid lockdown it cost small businesses like ours dearly. 

Jun/Jul 2021 Further Lockdowns.

Within hours of this lock down a whole weeks worth of work and income is gone and still counting.  

Late 2021

Unfortunately continued lock downs and restrictions means we have had to down size our Fleet. After 300,000km of trouble free service the first to go was our 2010 Red Ford Falcon G6E Turbo sedan. A positive to covid is used car prices are through the roof and we got a good price for the car. Sadly we also had to sell one of the limousines, after months of hard work it was decided the smaller AU Limousine was the one to go. Unfortunately the market for used limousines is very low so someone scored a bargain and we had another loss, however the cash from the sale of these vehicles allowed us to continue to operate. Which is more than many businesses were able to do.

Today at Timeless Limousines,

We offer you, experienced Chauffeured transportation at some of the cheapest rates available. We service all suburbs in the Perth metro, Yanchep, Northam & Mandurah areas. Whether your after our 8/9 seat Ford Fairlane BA stretch limousine, Our 4 seat Ford Falcon FG-X G6E sedan, both our vehicles have black leather trim and air conditioning, child seat restraints and we can accommodate for children from new-born babies with forward and rearward facing child seats available on request.

We charge our rates “per hour or part thereof” effectively a Minimum 1 hour hire and we don’t charge back to base. We have set rates for airport transfers in line with other service providers and offer discounts for hires of 4 hours or more, for loyal customers and seniors.

It’s never too early to book, we currently have bookings into April 2023, and with only 10% deposit required. Secure your date today. So why wait give us a call, we're waiting to be of service to you.

At Timeless Limousines,

We are focused on providing 1st class service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations from opening doors, loading luggage or adding that special decorative touch, even finding that special song. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. We also believe in value for money, so we don't change our price because of number of passengers or type of event. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you soon!

Why us?

We've have on offer, traditionally white limousine's at affordable prices with flexibility for bookings.

We focus on your requirements, we'll open doors for you, make sure you are comfortable, ensure you have refreshments available, and arrive at your destination safely and on time.

For reliability the Limousines and everything else offered as part of our service is owned by us.

The drivers have clean driving records and clear police clearance reports.